Buying a property in any country is a big step and an investment which without professional advice can be a stressful experience.

At Costa del Sol estate agents, (CdSea) where the principals have extensive experience of successful property acquisition in the sunshine capital of Spain, and indeed are all expats so have lived the experience, our aim is to remove the stress and allow our clients to focus on enjoying the new property they have acquired.

Spain is a country of diverse cultures and traditions with a very varied landscape. At CdSea we specialise in properties on this wide costal belt which offers so much in the way of relaxation, fun, food, sports, culture and sunshine.

The pleasures of the Costa del Sol and characteristics of each of the town’s is very different as are the communities.

Some key questions you should consider when beginning your search are:

• Why am I buying on the Costa del Sol?
• What do I want to do there?
• What sort of community do I want to be close to
• Is this a holiday home for short visits through the year?
• Will it be a home where I spend long periods of time taking the opportunity to escape the winter at home?
• Many bedrooms do you require 2? 3? or 4?
• How important is a pool, does this need to be private or communal?
• Do you want a private garden and to achieve it would you be prepared to move inland?

Once these points are clear in your mind the CdSea team can help you find the perfect home to match your needs.

Our clients have a range of questions dependent upon their needs which we are always happy to answer. Here are some examples:

• How easy is it to fly into Malaga or Gibraltar from my home
• What’s the normal price of a ticket
• What are the medical facilities , Hospitals/ Doctors like
• How do I access them if I need to
• Will I need a Spanish Lawyer
• Can I get a mortgage if required
• What are the options for Schools
• Resale values should I decide to move

With this information and having answered your questions our team can help you find the perfect home to match your needs.

We suggest that once you have a clear picture in your mind of what you are looking for come and visit us in the Sunshine Capital of Spain and experience the ambience and atmosphere of life. Whilst the internet can help with the myriad of initial questions and research you will want to do there is no substitute for a visit.

We will be more than happy to help with the arrangements and will collect you from the airport, if required, and arrange for you to see a range of properties that suit your requirements.

As a next step the key question is who should I work with to find my home in the Sun?

We would hope you would choose to pick Costa del Sol Estate agency specialists in this region. That said the most important thing is to work with people who have experience of property sales on the coast of Spain. You should ensure the agent you chosen is happy to support you in the months following your property purchase. When you have purchased a new property there are always things to be done, indeed this is part of the fun of setting up a new home. Costa del Sol agents will be there to support you, before, through and after your property purchase.

Our experience will be critical in:

• Supporting you through the purchase process.
• Finding you properties that suit your requirements
• Ensuring the price being asked for the property is at a market rate
• There to help after purchase if required
• Giving you access through established contacts to
• Solicitors in your chosen location with local knowledge
• Banks for financial requirements
• Surveyors
• Builders for reformation work and property maintenance
• Gardeners and cleaning Services
• Schools
• Town Hall

Hopefully this advice will help reduce the stress associated with property purchase in a foreign land. With the Costa del Sol Estate Agent team you have created a partnership that is committed to helping you complete the purchase process, and support you moving forward

Please do not hesitate to contact us on:
Telephone: +34 952 896 273
Whats app: +34 608 66 39 49


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